FrankFilms logo

FrankFilms Productions provides video production services that range across multiple different markets. I worked with Josh Frank, the owner, to developed the brand and designed the website to depict how storytelling defines our emotions.

Building the Brand

Josh wanted his branding to reflect video and touch on the history of film with his logo while still keeping it sleek and modern. The film reel almost looks like it’s spinning as the tape shapes into the “F” that leads into the rest of the logo.

The black and white palette helps to create a timeless feel while using electric blue to pull in a pop of color.

Stacked Web Pages
Capturing the User’s Attention

You have less than 10 seconds to capture a viewer’s attention. To do this, I asked Josh to create a looping video that would feature his video and editing skills.

FrankFilms biz card in front of cameras